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I hereby give approval for my child to enroll in Excel -’s (Excel’s) driver’s education course, with the understanding that she/he will be under school supervision during the course and will be obligated to follow rules set forth in Excel’s classroom and during Excel’s practice drives.

I understand that the practice driving instruction will be in a dual control vehicle with adequate insurance coverage for all who use or ride in it. I further understand that the instructor is properly certified and has had special preparation to teach driver’s education. Drives will be administered by a single instructor supervising a single driver in order to maintain scheduled drive times. We employe both male and female instructors and will be assigned based on availablity. Any special requests regarding instructor gender will need to be handled during drive scheduling.

Finally, I understand that once a student attends a single driver’s education class, the Idaho State Driver Permit becomes used and cannot be returned for a refund or used at a later date. I understand that it is against Idaho law to drive any private vehicle (cycle, truck, or car) on public streets or roads during the driver education course. Any student observed driving by an instructor or cited by law enforcement will be immediately dropped from Excel’s program and given a failing grade.

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