Driver's Education Package

Excel Driving offers the most complete driving services available in the Treasure Valley.

1st Gear - $599.00


This option is recommended for students who are comfortable with the idea of driving.

  • This option covers all the Idaho State requirements and standards.
  • 30 hours of classroom or online instruction.
  • 6 hours of in-car instruction
  • 6 hours of student observation

    Students will learn the inside operations of the vehicle. Proper seat, mirror and steering wheel positions will be taught. Students will learn hand position on the wheel and “push-pull” and “hand over hand” steering. Braking and acceleration will be practiced as well as lane position, negotiation of curves, 3 second gaps, stops and starts, 4-way stops, turn lanes, yielding, perpendicular, angle, curb and hill parking will be practiced. Students will also learn highway and freeway driving including on and off ramps and lane changes Emphasis on proper space and speed, signs, signals and rules of the road will be taught consistently throughout the course.