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Excel Driving is a private driving school servicing Boise, Eagle and Meridian. We help your child reach their full driving potential with updated courses, engaged teachers and experienced drivers. We're super excited to help you get your child road-ready!

As with most things involving multiple government agencies, there are a few hoops to jump through. This section is to help get you an idea of what to expect and to make it as simple as possible. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

How To:

  • Register for class with Excel Driving
    You can check our available packages here. We offer both classroom and online courses for your convenience. The classroom courses are held on specific dates (usually in the summer) while the online courses can be taken any time.
  • Register with the DMV for your child's permit
    You and your child will need to head to either the Ada County DMV in Boise or the Gem County DMV in Emmett. Let them know that you'd like the permit sent to "Excel Driving School". Once your child graduates, we will have your permit ready. You will need to bring:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card
    • Proof of Residency
    • Picture Identification
    • Verification of Compliance (VOC) letter from your school

    Please take a picture of your receipt and email it to or text it to (208) 447-7564.

  • Take Classes
    Once we receive the DMV receipt you sent us, we will send you a welcome email with all your class details.

    Classroom: The email we send will serve as confirmation of your registration for your upcoming class along with their dates & times.

    Online: Your email will contain your online registration code for and allow you to start class immediately.
  • Complete Driving Portion
    Once your child has completed the classroom sessions (or 10 modules if online), you can schedule out the driving portion. The driving portion will consist of 3 separate 2-hour sessions which will start and end at the Lowell Scott Middle School parking lot.

    Your child will also need to accumulate at least 6 hours of observation time which cannot exceed 2 hours per day as per state law. This time can be completed by observing another student driver or a licensed parent/guardian. You can track your time with our observation log to be turned in on the completion of their driving portion.

    The remaining balance will be due before your first drive. Please contact us to make arrangements to pay either by check or credit card.

  • Receive Supervised Instruction Learner's Permit
    Upon completion of the course, we'll mail your permit to the address we have on file. You should receive the permit within 5 business days.

    Once your child has their permit, they are legal to drive accompanied under certain conditions. You can find all the details at the Idaho Transportation Dept. website.
  • Take Written and Driving Test
    Six months after receiving your learner's permit and completing state requirements, you will need to call or text Chad Arnell at (208) 371-3869 or another licensed state drive instructor for your state driving test.

    When you successfully complete the driving test, you will receive an envelope from the state drive examiner to take to the Ada County DMV or Gem County DMV and complete the written test.
  • Receive Driver's License!

We have collected answers to questions we get a lot. Hopefully you'll find what you need below but if not, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us!

  • My child is ready for his final/state drive. Who do I call?
    Please call or text Chad Arnell, owner of Excel Driving. He can do the test. His number is #208.371.3869
  • What method of payments do you have?
    We take check, cash and credit card payments!
  • Can I register for my permit at any DMV location?
    Nope - and good for you for thinking ahead! You will need to register at either the Ada County DMV (Boise) or the Gem County DMV (Emmett). Check the map section for more detail. Note: the Emmett DMV does not accept credit cards.
  • My child has no behind the wheel experience. Does he/she need it?
    The short answer is no. The better answer is we HIGHLY suggest a pre-drive if your child has never been behind the wheel, has anxiety about driving, or other special situations we need to be made aware of. Your child will spend an hour of "Boot Camp" with one of our trained and certified Instructors for specialized and private practice to build their diving skills and confidence. This will prepare them for their upcoming drives in real-time traffic. The cost for this hour is $75.00
  • What if my child suffers from anxiety/OCD/ADD/ADHD?
    We have experience with all types of students and learning types. We are happy to create a program that works perfectly for your child.
  • Where do I send my payments by mail?
    1301 W. Loretta Street, Meridian, ID 83646
  • How will my child get his/her observation hours in?
    Idaho state law allows the child to do all observation hours with their parents. If you would like to arrange for your child to observe another student driver instead, we are happy to arrange that for you. Please just let us know.
  • Do all your instructors get background-checked?
    Yes. We hire only upstanding, excellent people who have been fingerprinted and background-checked by the FBI. Most of our instructors are also local teachers who have been in the Treasure Valley for years.
  • Where is Lowell Scott Middle School?
    13600 W. McMillan Road in Boise, ID on the corner of Eagle and McMillan. Look for the instructor in uniform by the flagpole or next to an Excel vehicle.
  • Can I pay for just hourly drives?
    Yes! As long as you have a valid permit or drivers license we can set you up to drive hourly for extra practice. We charge $75 an hour.
  • Where do I meet the drive instructors?
    The instructors will meet you at the Lowell Scott Middle School parking lot in the area of the flag pole. The instructors will be wearing Excel uniforms.
  • Will my child be driving with other students?
    In order to provide the best learning environment, we drive our students individually. Parents are always welcome to accompany their children on their drives.
  • Do you teach adults?
  • Do you teach on a stick shift?
    After the initial 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction is complete and the student has his/her permit, we are happy to teach on a manual. You will need to provide your own car. The cost is $75 an hour.

Lowell Scott Middle School

This is where the classroom instruction takes place and also where students and instructors will meet for drives. The cross-streets are Eagle and McMillan near The Village at Meridian.

Emmett DMV

Boise DMV

Check out our commercial and see us in action.

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