Driver's Education

Excel Driving offers the most complete driving services available in the Treasure Valley.

We offer two choices for driver's ed: online and classroom.

Taking driver's ed online is perfect for students with crazy schedules. If you've got after-school activities or the family is going on vacation, you can keep working through your coursework on your schedule.

Our classroom course offers the most engagement with your child. We utilize an Idaho-specific currciculum along with in-person instructors to answer any questions your child might have in real time.

Both courses get to take advantage of the best instructors in town for the driving portion of driver's ed.

Online Driver's Ed: $399

Whenever you want!

Once registered, we will send you a code which will allow you access to the online class. Once you have completed 10 of the 16 modules, contact us to schedule your drives. This is the fastest and most flexible way to complete driver's ed!

The online portion costs $100. The remaining $399 will be due before the first drive.